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Arun Jaitley: Rahul’s elevation, not World Bank rankings, fixed: Arun Jaitley | India News

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Union finance minister
Arun Jaitley
has castigated Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for questioning India’s improved ‘ease of doing business’ ranking released by the World Bank. In an interview with
Times Now,
Jaitley said WB rankings were not “fixed… AICC presidential poll is”.

India has moved up 30 positions, but many are questioning the report on the grounds that GST is not included and refers to only Mumbai and Delhi

I think we can leave the perpetual critics out. WB has an institutional mechanism and this has been going on for years. In that institutional mechanism, they have 10 big criteria and umpteen number of sub-criteria which all relate to ease of doing business. Then you take the systems in those places that you select. After all, in a survey you don’t go to every home, you go to selected houses. This is the same methodology that WB has followed across the world, year after year.

But Rahul Gandhi says this ranking is fixed

There is only one thing in this country that is fixed — the election of the AICC president. Everybody knows the result even before the election. WB rankings are not fixed, even we don’t know what will happen.

Rahul has once again talked about the failure of ‘Startup India’ and ‘Standup India’ and he says there is a new terminology, which is ‘Shut Up India’…

Youhave a huge entrepreneurship in India. The very idea of astartup — who is a startup? It is a person who is somewhat of an adventurist. He creates an idea and goes on a new track… He experiments. If he succeeds, he creates value, he creates wealth…they (startups) need to be encouraged. I don’t subscribe to the kind of cynicism he (Rahul) represents.

But he’s an important voice & he’s gaining traction

I think gaining traction is not the criteria. Some filmstar in Chennai makes a comment every day and gains traction, that doesn’t mean India stands with that filmstar. So I think gaining traction can be in various ways, but the fact is how much substance do you have in that traction itself ? For instance, I still don’t know where Congress stands on economic policies.

Let’s turn to Gujarat where elections are due and there is a whole lot of expectation in the air. Congress has tried to create an atmosphere as if they are gaining ground because they have managed to get Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani as well as Alpesh Thakor into their fold. Has Congress begun the Gujarat campaign on an advantageous note?

Congress doesn’t have a direction in Gujarat ever since 2002. I’ve been seeing that they used to contest on a particular plank, make a lot of song and dance about the campaign and at the end lose very badly. The only difference this time is, Congress strategy is only one: Caste, caste and caste … Gujarat normally has risen above all this.

You think the GST story is not going to impact the Gujarat elections?

Changes always have glitches and problems; a responsive government always works and keeps improving them because, after all, we are trade-friendly, we would like to improve them. Therefore, once implemented, it’s going to be one of the smoothest systems as far as Indian businesses are concerned.

How many seats in the Gujarat polls?

I am not getting into numbers, but we will win very comfortably.

Updated: November 4, 2017 — 1:46 am

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