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BJP: Like BJP, we won’t disrespect PM’s post: Rahul | India News

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AHMEDABAD: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has said that his party, unlike BJP, has always drawn a line when it comes to criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and will never disrespect the position of the PM.

Addressing a gathering of his party’s social media volunteers in Gujarat’s Banaskantha, he said— “Whatever we do – spot Modi’s faults or disturb BJP- we won’t disrespect PM’s position. When Modi Ji was in opposition he used to speak with disrespect about PM. That is the difference between us and them, no matter what Modi says about us,
we’ll not go beyond certain point as he is the Prime Minister+
,” he said.

He then reiterated his assertion on Gujarat’s development model and said that we speak the truth. Aur ye sach hai ke Gujarat mein vikas pagal hogaya hai (This is true that development in Gujarat has gone berserk).

This is a reiteration of his last month’s assertion wherein, in the run up to the Gujarat assembly polls, the Congress scion had cornered Prime Minister Modi and the BJP government in the state over its development work, likening it to a person and saying it had gone berserk.

“Gujarat mein vikas ko kya hua? Ye kaise pagal hua? Ye jhooth sun sun ke pagal ho gaya hai (What happened to the development in Gujarat? How did it go berserk? He did after listening to constant lies),” Rahul had said, at a public meeting in Gujarat’s Kheda.

Earlier today, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar gave it back to Rahul on his above-mentioned assertion in the same vein and said it was not ‘vikas’ but the grand old party that had gone berserk.

He said, “Vikas paagal nahin huya hai. Congress paglaa gayi hai. Vikas toh apni jagah par hi hai (The Congress has lost it. Development is at its place).

The Congress scion also took an aim at BJP’s social media campaign accusing it of running a paid social media campaign.

“BJP is running paid social media campaign while
Congress is running a natural social media campaign+
,” he said.

He also gave a glimpse of the working of his social media team managing his profile on Twitter— “A team of 3-4 people fine tunes his ideas and suggestions into tweets, which are then posted on his official Twitter account, @OfficeOfRG,” he said.

“Routine work, like birthday wishes isn’t done by me, I give little inputs on it, tweets on political issues are mine,” he added.

Updated: November 12, 2017 — 2:43 pm

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