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Don’t blame Anushka for RCB’s defeats, Trolls

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Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has not been doing well in IPL 2018 and the Trolls have been after Anushka Sharma, for her husband Virat Kohli’s reverses.

Though Kohli himself has performed quite well this season, scoring a total of 317 runs in 7 matches so far, at a staggering average of 63.40 and magnificent strike rate of nearly 150, his team RCB currently stands second last in the rankings. After RCB lost its fifth game this season, this time against Kolkata Knight Riders on Sunday,it triggered off yet another bout of Anushka harassment by the Trolls.

Here is why the Trolls are wrong to target Anushka:

Troll Attack 1: Anushka responsible for RCB losses

Firstly, Anushka’s presence has no role to play in the outcome of any cricket match. She is like any other spectator in the stands, watching the match and cheering for her team.

Blaming her for RCB’s loss is just dumb. Imagine if you were appearing for an exam and a friend accompanied you on the way to give moral support. If you don’t do well in that exam, would you blame your friend? Similarly, isn’t it plain illogical to blame Anushka for the losses of Virat Kohli’s IPL team?

Instead of resorting to cheap shots and unjustified attacks on Anushka, Trolls should get a life and take a long, hard look at the performance of the players to figure out why the team lost. After all, a captain is only as good as his team.

Troll Attack 2: Anushka is a jinx

Such beliefs are plain old superstition. A simple question to such Trolls: what about the times when Anushka was at Chinnaswamy stadium and RCB won? Either way, be it victory or defeat, Anushka has no control whatsoever on any player or team’s performance.

Blind superstition has never made a sound argument.

Troll Attack 3: Anushka is a distraction

Let’s make one thing clear: blaming a woman, in this case Anushka, for a team or player’s poor performance is the hallmark of a misogynist attitude. As per some, the success of a man is because he works hard but the failure is because the woman distracted him. Such trolls rely on memes and derogatory attacks to ridicule and fault Anushka for Kohli’s captaincy. She is reduced to a scapegoat on whom they can pin the players’ shortcomings and failures.

These sexist trolls do not care that Anushka, an acclaimed actress, takes time out from her many work-related commitments to go and support her husband at his matches, be it domestic or international. In a fierce attempt to shut down trolls attacking Anushka, Kohli had said in a tweet: “Shame on people for trolling Anushka Sharma non-stop. Have some compassion. She has always only given me positivity.”

When Kohli himself considers Anushka a positive influence and feels encouraged by her unwavering support, why do you, the trolls, have a problem? Grow up or get help, seriously.

Updated: May 1, 2018 — 8:39 am

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