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Hadiya’s ‘mental stability’ may figure in SC hearing today

Today we are talking about Hadiya’s ‘mental stability’ may figure in SC hearing today, check out the Hadiya’s ‘mental stability’ may figure in SC hearing today with complete details and accuracy At 9wiki.info.

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KOCHI: Expecting Hadiya alias Akhila to repeat at Supreme Court today what she told the media on Saturday — that there was no coercion involved in her marriage to a Muslim and she had embraced Islam voluntarily — her father’s lawyer is planning to counter it by raising the question of her “mental stability”, sources close to her family said.

“I am emotionally not in a situation where I can comment on the issue. But it is true that there is a history of mental illness in our family,” Hadiya’s father K M Asokan told TOI over phone from Delhi. Asokan recalled that he had informed the Kerala high court during the ‘love jihad’ hearing that some of his close relatives were mentally unsound and it was possible Hadiya too had the same problem.

Asokan’s counsel A Raghunath confirmed this. “We had argued at the HC that mental illness is hereditary and had produced medical documents about two close relatives of Asokan being mentally unsound. We have filed the same at the SC. We haven’t filed any documents yet to prove that she is mentally unsound,” he said.

The Kerala HC had called Hadiya a ‘gullible’ person. In its judgment annulling her marriage to Shefin Jahan, it observed, “Our interaction with the detenue when she was brought before us, gives us an impression that she is only an ordinary girl of moderate intellectual capacity… According to police, and the senior government pleader, she has been made to believe that she would go to hell if she did not accept Islam… She also appears to be a gullible person. A hostility to her parents also has been instilled into her.”

Updated: November 27, 2017 — 9:21 am

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