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NPS funds: Best NPS funds for different investors

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NEW DELHI: When Ajoy Ghosh opened an NPS account last month, his basic objective was to save tax. Ghosh opted for the NPS benefit offered by his company, under which ₹5,200 is put in the NPS on his behalf every month. The Kolkata-based telecom engineer invested an additional ₹50,000 under Section 80CCD(1b). The total investment of ₹1.12 lakh will reduce his annual tax by ₹35,000.

In many ways, investors like Ghosh miss the wood for the trees. They are so focused on saving tax that they don’t consider other aspects of the investment. Ghosh did not assess the pension fund he has invested in. Nor did he consider the asset mix he should opt for. “I just went with what the investment adviser from the bank told me,” he says.

We examined the blended returns of four different combinations of the equity, corporate debt and gilt funds. Ultrasafe investors are assumed to have put 60% in gilt funds, 40% in corporate bond funds and nothing in equity funds.


A conservative investor would put 20% in stocks, 30% in corporate bonds and 50% in gilts.


A balanced allocation would put 33.3% in each of the three classes of funds.


While an aggressive investor would invest the maximum 50% in the equity fund, 30% in corporate bonds and 20% in gilts.


Although investors can also put up to 5% in the new A class alternative investment funds, we have ignored this class in the analysis.

We hope this helps you invest in the best performing pension fund.

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