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PM Modi on 4 years of BJP government: Top quotes | India News

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On landmark decisions

Decisions like surgical strikes and One Rank One Pension are taken by a committed government, not by one that creates confusion.

This government with full majority, working with its allies, and taking key decisions, is developing India with a clear intention. It has elevated the country’s credibility in the world. We are not afraid to take strong decisions, or take major decisions.

On Opposition’s show of unity at Kumaraswamy’s swearing-in

The people of the country are watching how this government’s fight against black money and corruption has turned hardcore enemies into friends. It made many come together and stand on the same stage, those accused in big scams are uniting now.

They are coming together to save their families, not to save the country.

On Congress-led UPA regime

It is important to remember the issues which the nation was facing 4 years ago, the atmosphere there was four years ago. It is important to remember how much did the family, which ruled the nation for 48 years, cared for it .

On cracking down on black money

In these four years, the 125 crore Indian have come to believe that our India can change. Today the nation is going from ‘Kala Dhan to ‘Jan Dhan’, from bad governance to good governance.

On working for the poor

Many who are in the NDA govt have lived in poverty and that is why betterment of the poor is their biggest priority. It is a government whose President, Vice President and Pradhan Sevak, all have lived in poverty.

Why didn’t Congress realise that the poor are not being entertained at banks? Why didn’t the Congress ever see that the lives of poor people also hold value and they also need life insurance?

On BJP’s poll performance

Today there are over 1,500 elected BJP MLAs across the country. In the last 4 years, BJP has truly become a huge party from Panchayat to Parliamment.

On completing four years in government

Your aspirations, dreams and hopes is what makes me keep working.

I can say that our government is running on “janmat” (people’s mandate) and not from “Janpath” (10 Janpath, Sonia Gandhi’s official residence).

On populism vs good politics

For us, development and good governance is the definition of good politics. We are moving forward by connecting with people and linking them to the system. Our politics is for the benefit of the people and not merely populism.

On Swachh Bharat campaign

Till 2014, 39 per cent of the population had access to sanitation facilities, today the figure is over 80 per cent. From independence till 2014 there were around 6 crore toilets in the country but in last four years 7.5 crore toilets have been made.

On Naxalism

Now the number of Naxal-affected districts has decreased from 126 to 90 in the country. And after the formation of a strategy by the central government in 2015, more and more Naxalites are coming into the mainstream by surrendering.

Updated: May 26, 2018 — 12:08 pm

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