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Pradhyumn murder: ‘Class XI boy stuck to his normal routine’ | Delhi News

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NEW DELHI: For almost two months, since the murder of seven-year-old Pradhyumn Thakur, the detained Class XI student did not show any signs or “regret” or “abnormal behaviour” in front of his family or friends; nor did he discuss the incident with anyone, including his best friends, CBI sources said.

According to top CBI sources, the juvenile, while

admitting that he killed Pradhyumn

as part of his plan to get exam and parents-teachers meet (PTM) postponed, also claimed that he didn’t tell anyone that he had “murdered his school junior with a knife he bought a few days back”.

“He continued his daily schedule as usual like going out with his friends, playing etc and didn’t even let his parents feel that he had done something wrong,” said an officer on the condition of anonymity .

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Interestingly, the boy was examined by Gurgaon police earlier as he was the one who informed the gardener about the injured Pradhyumn, but he didn’t get nervous in front of the cops or later in front of CBI sleuths. During examination at least four times before his detention, the CBI found his conduct suspicious and statements contradictory .

Even though his report cards and teachers confirmed that he was weak in studies, the central agency didn’t find anything which suggested that he attempted anything to disrupt or postpone exams or PTMs in the past. The agency examined several students, teachers and his friends to corroborate this fact. The CBI asserted that the juvenile acted ‘normal’ on the day of the murder as well. He even told his PT teacher that he had informed the gardener about a boy lying injured in the washroom, and “didn’t look panicked.”

The initial sequence of events on the basis of his disclosure suggests that Pradhyumn was killed within seconds as he followed his senior inside the washroom.There was no “resistance by Pradhyumn whatsoever”, said a source, adding that the accused walked out of the washroom and informed the gardener. The CBI is investigating whether there were visible bloodstains on juvenile’s school uniform or his hands.The agency will take the juvenile to school once to recreate the crime scene and to know about the spot where he slashed Pradhyumn’s throat.

Updated: November 10, 2017 — 10:44 am

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