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Pranab Mukherjee to attend RSS event today: Who said what | India News

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NEW DELHI. Former President Pranab Mukherjee is in Nagpur today to attend and address an RSS event.

Mukherjee’s decision to accept the RSS’ invitation has generated a lot controversy. While many Congress leaders expressed shock and reservations, and urged him to reconsider his decision, RSS leaders welcomed it.

Let’s look at what the leaders of various political parties said about Mukherjee’s much anticipated address at the RSS event:

Ripun Bora, Rajya Sabha MP and Assam Congress chief

“I urge Pranab Mukherjee to reconsider his decision of attending the RSS conference as it will have far reaching repercussions and negative impact in the socio-political scenario of India.”

Sushil Kumar Shinde, former home minister and senior Congress leader

“Pranab Mukherjee dedicated his life to secularism. Even if goes to RSS, he isn’t going to change his ideology. I just hope that he delivers a message of secularism to them”

Manmohan Vaidya, joint secretary of the RSS

“The outrage amongst certain sections of the political class on former President’s acceptance of an invitation to be the chief guest for the concluding ceremony of the RSS’s Tritiya Varsh Training programme smacks of intellectual intolerance.”

Manish Tewari, Congress spokesperson

“The invitation was extended to him, he has agreed to be the chief guest at a training camp of the RSS. So therefore, if there are any queries about that, he is the best person to answer that.”

Rakesh Sinha, RSS leader

“Pranab Mukherjee’s acceptance to attend RSS event sends a message to the country that on vital issues there should be dialogue and adversaries are not enemies. Those raising questions on ‘intolerance’ of RSS-Hindutva have now been answered.”

P Chidambaram, senior Congress leader

“Now that he has accepted the invitation, there is no point debating why he accepted it. More important thing to say is, ‘Sir, now that you are going to RSS, please go there, hold a mirror to them and tell them what is wrong with their ideology’.”

Sharmishtha Mukherjee, Congress leader and daughter of Pranab Mukherjee

“By going to Nagpur, you are giving BJP and RSS full handle to plant false stories, spread false rumour.”

Ratan Sharda, RSS ideologue and author of many books on the RSS

“Why tweet when you can talk, Sharmishtha ji? He is your father. Is it to assure Queen Mother and Yuvraj of Congress that you are loyal? Even Pranab da has been firm Congress troubleshooter all his life. Have faith. Why Congressmen suspect their people so much? Stop apartheid!”

Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena spokersperson

“One may have ideological differences with RSS, but it is a nationalist organisation. If they invite the former President, there should be no controversy around it. When Congress’ Mani Shankar Aiyar can go to Pakistan and speak to anti-India outfits and other Congress members talk to outfits like Hurriyat, then nothing wrong in Pranab da meeting RSS cadre.”

Ramesh Chennithala, Senior Congress leader from Kerala

“Being one of the tallest leaders of the Congress, which has been responsible for preserving the secular fabric of this country, your decision has invited unparalleled disgruntlement among the rank and file of the Congress party. Your decision has come as a rude shock to secular minds of the country. As a person who has served as the first citizen of our country and the greatest ambassador of secularism, I request you to reconsider your decision to attend the RSS meet

Hanumantha Rao, the AICC Secretary and former Rajya Sabha member

“Pranab Mukherjee should withdraw his decision in the interest of secularism.”

Adhir Chowdhury, West Bengal Congress chief

“Just like any other Congressman, I am really astonished to hear about Pranab Mukherjee’s decision. My question is does he think his previous comments against RSS were wrong? We still remember how as a senior leader of the Congress, he had criticized RSS as a communal and a divisive organization.”

Updated: June 7, 2018 — 6:16 am

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