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shilpa shetty: Let’s bait the trolls targeting Shilpa Shetty for fishing

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Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty, who is vacationing with her husband Raj Kundra and son Viaan in the Maldives, was recently targeted by trolls after she posted a video of her fishing on her Instagram account.

Trolls were miffed about the fact that the actress had caught a fish with bait and lectured her about how that was cruel.

Here are some of the accusations trolls made against Shetty and why they need to be corrected:

Troll Attack 1: Shetty is a heartless woman who eats animals to satisfy her taste-buds


Shilpa 1

To eat or not eat non-vegetarian food is a personal choice and choices should not be attacked in a free country.

Being vegetarian or a vegan isn’t morally superior and doesn’t give you license to spread hate and venom.

Shetty herself has never claimed to be vegetarian or hidden the fact that she is non-vegetarian. And since we are a secular democracy, her dietary choices should be respected.

Humans sit on top of food chain and it is normal for them to consume meat. Period.

Troll Attack 2: Shetty’s a hypocrite.

Shilpa 2

Despite being a PETA activist and accepting an award from the esteemed organization, trolls claim that Shetty is a hypocrite who’s insensitive to animal suffering.

You know who are bigger hypocrites?

Those holier than thou and sanctimonious vegetarians and vegans who make up excuses for using animal products like leather.

Simple question to trolls: A life is a life, right? Then why kill plants to eat food. Why swat mosquitoes even if they are biting you?

And if these attention-deficient trolls had watched the video carefully, they would have seen that Shetty wanted the fish caught to be released back into the water. This even prodded her husband Raj Kundra to call her ‘Mother Teresa’.

Troll Attack 3: Shetty is a celebrity and should therefore lead by example


Why should she? There are nearly four million fishermen in India. If trolls really care, why don’t they stop them from fishing.

Just because Shetty is a celebrity, she doesn’t have to necessarily conform to a specific world view. Let us not put her on a pedestal and then pressure her with leading by example all the time. Stop being judgmental about celebrities. They are humans too.

In a nutshell, Indians need to stop being overly sensitive.

Updated: May 4, 2018 — 7:22 am

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