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Special Rajdhani to have engines at both ends

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MUMBAI: For the first time on Indian Railways, a passenger train will have an engine at the front and the rear to save travel time. Western Railway will hold trials with this technique on the special Rajdhani that plies from Bandra Terminus to Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin. This technique has been successfully tried out with goods trains.

The Special Rajdh
ani already saves 2 hours of travel time as compared to the current Rajdhani.

A decision to carry out the trial with “push and pull” technique was taken at a railway committee meeting convened by Central Railway general manager D K Sharma.

WR’s chief public relations officer Raviner Bhakar said, “Though the engine will be attached to the rear, its operations will be carried by the loco pilot in the front locomotive. We need technical upgrade for perfect synchronisation between the locomotives for speed and braking.”

Bhakar said that the saving in travel time will be known only after carrying out trials but railway sources said they expect travel time to reduce by 30-60 minutes.

As of now locomotives are attached at the rear end at the ghat section where the gradient is steep.

Bhakar said that the engines at the rear and front will ensure faster acceleration and deceleration. “Also, braking will be powerful and hence swift. The train will be able to run at a speed of 160 kmph wherever permitted.”

Another advantage of an engine at the rear will ensure that train can be pulled out of the station quickly. “So, a platform will not be occupied for longer time,” said Bhakar.

Updated: May 3, 2018 — 5:03 am

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