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Twinkle is not disrespecting armed forces, trolls are

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Film producer, author and entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna is being trolled mercilessly for auctioning her actor-husband Akshay Kumar’s naval officer costume he wore in the 2016 film ‘Rustom’.

The information about the auction was first posted by Akshay on Twitter. This was followed by a post from Twinkle on her Instagram handle, where she said the proceeds from the auction will go towards animal welfare.

Trolls, who often target Twinkle, called her initiative cheap and disrespectful of the armed forces and, some even issued death threats.

Here’s our point-by-point rebuttal to why the trolls are wrong in accusing Twinkle:

Troll Attack 1: Auctioning uniforms and flags is an insult to the armed forces


Firstly, Twinkle is auctioning a costume that her husband wore in a film and not an actual uniform. It doesn’t represent the Navy and is only memorabilia from a film, and she’s doing it for a good cause.

Aren’t cricket bats, jerseys, etc., auctioned by cricketers for humanitarian causes?

Why, even the armed forces sell special flags and memorabilia to raise funds on Flag Day. By the trolls’ logic, is the Army also disrespecting itself?

Twinkle did use the word ‘original uniform’ in her auction promotion, but again, a real uniform is something only a serving defence personnel or a veteran can have. Akshay doesn’t have any ‘uniform’ to auction, only a uniform costume. Also, Akshay has a long public record in support of the armed forces, with charitable causes like ‘Bharat ke Veer’, through which he raises and donates money for martyrs and their families. To think that he would disrespect the forces is being too touchy.

The Army is the nation’s most respected institution and while we must always defend its honour, trolls should remember that soldiers aren’t petty and they are usually beyond such needless controversies.

Troll Attack 2: Twinkle should be given a “bloody nose”

This threat of a ‘bloody nose’ comes from a respected veteran. It is a boxing term that means handing someone a resounding defeat. It can also sound like a physical threat. Issuing threats of causing physical harm to a woman, simply because her point of view offends you, is not only illegal but misogynist. Using such language is simply avoidable and unnecessary.

Even if your heart is in the right place and the intent is to defend the honour of the armed forces, using such language ends up inadvertently encouraging violence. It also doesn’t help the argument in any way.

To reiterate again, Twinkle is not auctioning a real uniform. She is only auctioning a replica costume that was worn by her husband during the film shooting. So, the question of dishonouring the armed forces does not arise.

Troll Attack 3: Auction money should not be used for animal welfare


Trolls want Twinkle to use the money raised from the costume’s auction for “better causes” than animal welfare.

Instead of appreciating the cause taken up by Twinkle, trolls want her to use money for causes they deem more appropriate.

Everyone has a different set of priorities. What Twinkle decides to do with the money is her choice. She is free to choose the charitable cause she wishes to contribute to.

Updated: May 2, 2018 — 11:50 am

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