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‘Vindictive Congress’, ‘anti-dalit BJP’: Allegations fly as Karnataka campaign rolls on | India News

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Allegations and counter-allegations flew thick and fast today as Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed four rallies in poll-bound Karnataka. While Congress chief took a leave of absence from the campaign trail, he and other senior party leaders made their presence felt on Twitter as they parried the BJP’s poll parade. Here’s a round-up of who said what through another day of heated crusading in the southern state:

Congress only cares about retaining power: PM Modi

“Congress leaders are caught with large stashes of cash and when our government takes action, they keep on saying that Modi is vindictive,” the PM said at a rally in Hubli.

In another attack on the ruling party, Modi said the Congress neither cares about the present nor the future of Karnataka. What it cares most is about remaining in power, he said.

“We (BJP) want to build a New India where children get good education, youth get jobs, elderly get proper healthcare and where there is no discrimination on the lines of caste,” Modi added.

He also warned people to remain vigilant against the Congress party’s divisive politics.

BJP-RSS are anti-dalit: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi targeted the BJP-RSS for their “anti-dalit” mindset and alleged that as per the “fascist ideology” of these outfits, dalits should continue to remain on the bottom rung of society.

In a video highlighting the anti-dalit sentiments of the BJP-RSS, Rahul also questioned the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the rising incidents of atrocities against dalits in the country.

Congress, Pakistan worship Tipu Sultan: Amit Shah

Addressing a rally in Belagavi, BJP president Amit Shah pilloried CM Siddaramaiah and once again hinted at a secret nexus between the Congress and Pakistan.

“There is similarity between Siddaramaiah government and Pakistan in that they both worship Tipu Sultan,” he said.

Yesterday, Shah had tweeted saying there is “amazing telepathy” between Congress and the Pakistan after the neighbouring nation paid a tribute to erstwhile Mysuru ing Tipu Sultan on his birth anniversary. He had also questioned suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s reported praise of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

PM Modi speaking at low level: Siddaramaiah

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah lashed out at PM Modi for resorting to “personal attacks” and using language that does not befit the office he holds.

“We expected a dignified language from him (Modi). But what he spoke was the BJP’s language and not the one of a civilised person. He spoke at a very low level…this is not the language of the prime minister,” he told reporters.

Modi has been mocking the Siddaramaiah dispensation as a “10 per cent government” and “seedha rupaiah sarkar” while attacking the Congress leader over alleged corruption.

“Modi is demonstrating his triviality by making personal attacks,” the CM said.

BJP gave Karnataka instability and infighting: Chidambaram

In a barrage of tweets aimed at the BJP, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram pointed out that when the saffron party was last in power in Karnataka, it had only engendered “instability and infighting”.

“Karnataka voters will remember: in 2008 when they gave BJP an absolute majority with 110 seats, BJP gave the people absolute instability!” tweeted Chidambaram.

“Karnataka voters will remember: between 2008 and 2013, BJP gave the people THREE chief ministers, all short-lived and incompetent,” he said in another tweet.

Winning important for BJP: Yeddyurappa defends Reddy brothers

BJP’s chief ministerial candidate B S Yeddyurappa defended the party’s decision to give tickets to graft-accused Reddy brothers and said that winning each assembly constituency was important for the party, reported PTI.

The party has fielded G Somashekhara Reddy in Ballari city and his elder brother and former Ballari Lok Sabha member G Karunakara Reddy in Harappanahalli in Davanagere district.

Asked about chief minister Siddaramaiah’s accusation that Somashekhara Reddy had been accused of bribing a judge in the cash for bail case, he said the charge was not true and had lost its meaning as the Reddy brothers had been absolved.

Updated: May 6, 2018 — 4:06 pm

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